Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: Flee, Fly, Flown

Flee, Fly, Flown
Flee, Fly, Flown by Janet Hepburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lillian and Audrey escape their quiet nursing home in Ottawa, to search for an adventurous vacation. Between grand theft auto, picking up a young man, and adopting a dog, this is the vacation that they were hoping for ... if only they could remember it.

Flee, Fly, Flown is an excellent written novel. Janet Hepburn, instills in the reader an understanding of what Alzheimer's is by giving us a first person perspective through Lillian. Lillian and Audrey face hardships that come hand in hand with aging, whether it's Alzheimer's disease, brittle bones, loss of sight, loss of hearing, organ failure.

A quote that really got to me was "Why do we do that? Why do we let the people we love just fade into the background like that?" (page 190).

There's two reasons why this novel falls short of 5 starts, but only one actually counts, the ending. The other reason will stay with me, in my little hometown of Cochrane.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1

Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1
Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1 by Mi-Ri Hwang (황미리 )

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

The ugly duckling stars in her very own manga!
Go Mioh is an obese and unattractive young junior high student, with only a few days until graduation. All she has to look forward to is her new life as a high school student with Eunho, the only person that's ever treated her kindly. After a series of unfortunate events Eunho is changing high schools due to his modeling career, Mioh is being shunned, called a "Pig", treated like dirt, bullied, etc. Her final resort was a failed suicide.

In an odd twist of events this resulted in, Mioh making a contract with her dead grandfather to make her beautiful. Although with all contracts there is a catch in the fine print, this one although results her to turn back to her ugly duckling self when drenched in rain for a 10 minutes, and when she kisses someone her contract is annulled.

What will she do? Will she get revenge on Kim Dojin for treating her like a slave? Or will she try to carve her way into Eunho's heart?

This is actually an interesting anime to say the least, I'm actually a fan of Mi Ri Hwang. Yes, this is another girl likes boy, boy is gorgeous, other boy picks on girl manga's, but with a different feel to it. Dojin's an obsessed character with money at the tips of his fingers, Eunho is a model and seems to be a good rounded character, Mioh seems like an obsessed character, with self esteem problems. All in all I'll give it 4 out of 5 stockings. A recommended read.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Crank by Ellen Hopkins

My rating: 2 of 5 stockings

I can relate to this novel from a thrid person account (one of my immediate family members is a drug addict currently seeking help) and from a first person account (being pregnant at 17). I honestly did not enjoy the writing style, the mother seemed too self absorbed, the broken sentences pissed me off to the point of rants. The story was uncaptivating, I only finished this novel because I like to follow through. I read a few pages to my husband and my mother, to justify my rants on how horrid it was and oddly enough they agreed.

My friends recommended this series to me, and I love them so I took the time. I do see why they liked the novel both those friends have addictions, so I take it, it makes them feel hope that they're not the only ones battling demons. Good book ... just not for me... 2 stockings.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Mushishi, Volume 1

Mushishi, Volume 1
Mushishi, Volume 1 by Yuki Urushibara

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

Mushishi volume 1, revolves around a Mushishi named Ginko, who studies Mushi a type of "spirit" if you will. Ginko, unable to stay in on place because he attracts too many Mushi, travels during the Edo/Meji period helping those plagued by mushi. The first volume is split into a five different cases.

Story one, a young child who has the ability to create Mushi whenever he draws with his left hand.

Story two, people from a snowy village are losing their hearing, and one child is growing horns from his head, while he's unable to have any moments peace.

Story three, a young family man is having premonitions through his dreams.

Story four, a young girl ultra sensitive to the sun to the point of unbearable pain, has been put away in a warehouse.

Story five, a travelling swamp of Mushi and a young woman, search the sea.

I don't like short stories, I then to not grasp their importance. Although this is a collective of short stories that happen to Ginko, so it's different than just a short story. I like this volume, and recommend it to anyone who likes Hell Girl. I'm giving this 4 stockings.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: After School Nightmare, Volume 2

After School Nightmare, Volume 2
After School Nightmare, Volume 2 by Setona Mizushiro

My rating: 3 of 5 stockings

Last instalment, Mashiro is now dating Kureha one of the people who share dreams together. Kureha was raped when she was a young child of only five or six, her mother was also abused by her father. Now the only man Kureha trusts is Mashiro because he's intersex. Mashiro is now focussed on proving he's a man and protect Kureha at all cost.

Mashiro's focused on finding out who's in the dream world and trying to help them graduate, or to gain some ground. Sou an old kendo classmate has confessed his love towards Mashiro, and previously kissed him. Meanwhile in the dream-world Mashiro realises strength here is based on sheerly imagination and the strength of one's soul. Midori finally found her key, unlocked the door and was forgotten. In reality Mashiro tries to ease Kureha into making friends with men, specifically just one. As expected the result wasn't good.

Time for my opinion, this volume tries too hard to cram too much in it's limited space it hold. Don't get me wrong I love it, it's just I've notice with the 2 first volumes could have been made into 4 or 5. That's also something that I like about it, it has less fluff than most stories. With the gender bender genre the main character can end up with Kureha, Sou, or no one. Romance, Mystery, fantasy, drama, I give kudos to this story. I'm giving it 3 stockings it's good but it could be better.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: After School Nightmare, Volume 1

After School Nightmare, Volume 1
After School Nightmare, Volume 1 by Setona Mizushiro

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

Mashiro an intersex high schooler who posses as an being completely male. Because Mashiro started menstruating he quit the kendo club in fear that it was his female side that was weak. After noticing many of his fellow schoolmates have been disappearing, he was asked by the school nurse to go to the basement of the school (which was never there before). Before Mashiro knew what was happening, he was brought into an alternate dream world were schoolmates are twisted and deformed to the point of unrecognisably due to the state of their souls. Oddly enough Mashiro's appearance hasn't changed with the exception that he wears a female uniform. After a dark night soul ripped his clothes everyone in the dream world know's his secret but he doesn't know who the others are.

I'll end it here, usually manga's don't have much going on from manga to manga. Which doesn't give me much to write about. With the first volume of After School Nightmare I've left out so much. The overall originality of this story is amazing, it reminds me vaguely to Moon Key. The character's are anything but boring. I enjoyed reading this volume and only had to look back one for this review (for the high school name... didn't find). I'm giving this book 4 stockings because I'm expecting so much from this series.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: キミがスキ 3 (3)

キミがスキ 3 (3)
キミがスキ 3 (3) by Ayu Watanabe

My rating: 1.5 of 5 stockings

Last instalment, Aoi confessed to Hojo that she loved Mase and could no longer date him.

Hojo is not willing to let go of Aoi that easily, and tries his best to prove to her that he's just as good as he was before the accident. Aoi still supports Hojo in every way, but not romantically. Natsumi finds out about Aoi's love toward's Mase, soon after refuses any contact with the pair. Mase claims that he only has feelings towards Natsumi.

Okay, I finished reading the series and I'm alive! I actually liked the third volume, more then the other two. This series is just one big run around, and utterly pointless. This story could have been written in one novel instead of three. My thought's on the last one, it got my blood boiling ... slightly, with is more of a reaction I ever had reading the two first. I'll give it 1.5 stockings, I still don't like it but it was better then the first two.