Friday, May 2, 2014

American MaleWhore in Tokyo

American MaleWhore in Tokyo
American MaleWhore in Tokyo by Rowen Boozewell

My rating: 5 of 5 stockings

John Box is a 33 year old American man who still lives with his parents. After stumbling upon the title of his mothers Accord under the floor board of her bed. He gingerly sold it for a one way ticket to fulfilling his dream of becoming, The Great White Host.

Following The Great White Host in his conquest to become number one in Japan (but seriously just wants to be payed to get drunk and hit on women). We meet a colorful cast of people from Tokyo's underbelly, friends, co-workers, clients, women, and crazy bitches.

From the front cover to the end cover, humor is everywhere. You'll find humor in the reproduction clause, the acknowledgments, the definitions, and so on and so forth. Just read it for yourself you'll see what I mean. I have yet to find a novel that has made me laugh out loud nearly as much as this one has.

Personally I think my friends are getting real sick of me calling them at odd hours just to read them a quote or two. I don't think this is everyone's cup of tea, but I am nearly positive that everyone can find a little bit of humor or joy from this book, ether from a quote, fun fact, or even a character. This has officially become my favorite comedic novel, by far. This book made me freak out and toss it whenever John was faced with a crisis, especially when it involved females... (crazy bitches). But I always went back like Piston Honda to booze, never regret it and not remembering why I stopped.

I hope that this book get more love. I will be looking forward for more books coming out in the future.

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