Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Win the Rings

Win the Rings
Win the Rings by K.D. Van Brunt

My rating: 3 of 5 stockings

Win the Rings is set in a dystopia where the story shifts back and forth between the protagonists Jace and Gray. In this world there are those who are normal and those who are shifters. Shifters are not only able to morph into someone they sifted (requires skin to skin contact of some prolonged duration). They retain the acquired person's appearance (including current attire), memories, personality, etc. But skilled shifter can even materialize a purse, wallet, and even IDs.

Both Jace and Gray are shifters, only difference is that Jace is in Cracked (special section of the U.S. Army) since she's been 5, and Gray was able to avoid ever being caught.

Now that Gray has been spotted he and his sister Nia must avoid being caught by Cracked, the police, and shifty organizations. The biggest threat to him, is the army's deadliest weapon, Jace. She's got orders to capture him dead or alive, his fate is now in HER HANDS.

This novel is a greatly written story with lots of potential. You can tell lots of research was put into it, and it has a solid founding. Unfortunately I know nothing about guns, or fighting... I took Karate for several years if that counts... no ... thought not.

The characters were unlikable and somewhat bland, I understand growing up in seclusion will do that to someone, and same goes for a child on the run. I couldn't form a connection to either protagonist, I tried my hardest to like them.

This novel's greatest strength is its world, I'd like to see more aspects of the shifters, and terrorist. Knowing all too well Jace and Gray will be the center of attention in the next novel, you can count me out.

I give this novel a solid 3 out of 5 stockings. I'd recommend it to anyone who was in the Cadets, or in the army.

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