Friday, April 18, 2014

Flee, Fly, Flown

Flee, Fly, Flown
Flee, Fly, Flown by Janet Hepburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

Lillian and Audrey escape their quiet nursing home in Ottawa, to search for an adventurous vacation. Between grand theft auto, picking up a young man, and adopting a dog, this is the vacation that they were hoping for ... if only they could remember it.

Flee, Fly, Flown is an excellent written novel. Janet Hepburn, instills in the reader an understanding of what Alzheimer's is by giving us a first person perspective through Lillian. Lillian and Audrey face hardships that come hand in hand with aging, whether it's Alzheimer's disease, brittle bones, loss of sight, loss of hearing, organ failure.

A quote that really got to me was "Why do we do that? Why do we let the people we love just fade into the background like that?" (page 190).

There's two reasons why this novel falls short of 5 starts, but only one actually counts, the ending. The other reason will stay with me, in my little hometown of Cochrane.

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