Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1

Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1
Miunohri to Swan, Vol.1 by Mi-Ri Hwang (황미리 )

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

The ugly duckling stars in her very own manga!
Go Mioh is an obese and unattractive young junior high student, with only a few days until graduation. All she has to look forward to is her new life as a high school student with Eunho, the only person that's ever treated her kindly. After a series of unfortunate events Eunho is changing high schools due to his modeling career, Mioh is being shunned, called a "Pig", treated like dirt, bullied, etc. Her final resort was a failed suicide.

In an odd twist of events this resulted in, Mioh making a contract with her dead grandfather to make her beautiful. Although with all contracts there is a catch in the fine print, this one although results her to turn back to her ugly duckling self when drenched in rain for a 10 minutes, and when she kisses someone her contract is annulled.

What will she do? Will she get revenge on Kim Dojin for treating her like a slave? Or will she try to carve her way into Eunho's heart?

This is actually an interesting anime to say the least, I'm actually a fan of Mi Ri Hwang. Yes, this is another girl likes boy, boy is gorgeous, other boy picks on girl manga's, but with a different feel to it. Dojin's an obsessed character with money at the tips of his fingers, Eunho is a model and seems to be a good rounded character, Mioh seems like an obsessed character, with self esteem problems. All in all I'll give it 4 out of 5 stockings. A recommended read.

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