Saturday, January 7, 2012

L DK volume 6

L DK(6) (講談社コミックスフレンド B)L DK(6) by 渡辺 あゆ
My rating: 2 of 5 stockings

Last instalment, Sanjo puts his cards on the line and basically tells Shusei "If you make Aoi cry one more time I will take her home instead of you.

L DK volume 6, Aoi tries her best to make Shusei happy by training with Sanjo to make the perfect dish. Shusei never even took the time to take a bite before telling Aoi he was leaving the apartment. In all desperation she confessed her love to him, and in the end ... she is left in the rain alone and rejected. Sanjo confessed to Aoi, and Shusei pores his problems onto his sister.

I honestly have a love hate relationship with this volume, the way it was headed in the first half was amazing. When Shusei said he didn't feel the same I was in a 5 stocking mindset, because how many stories end up with the romantic counterpart in the end not having any attraction to the other. I soon after thought that the writer had pulled the wool over the readers eyes in attempt to create a fake love between the two. Soon after I read that Shusei's just afraid that he might hurt her ... how LAME! Like that hasn't been done in like EVERY LOVE STORY EVER! That's why my rating went from 5 to 2 stockings ... yah BIG difference.

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