Sunday, January 8, 2012

L DK (7)

L DK(7) (講談社コミックスフレンド B)L DK(7) by 渡辺 あゆ
My rating: 3 of 5 stockings

We end the last instalment with Satsuki asking Shuusei if he would have rather died in "her" place, who is this mysterious "her" woman?

L DK volume 7, Aoi and Sanjo decide to give it a try and go out together as a couple, she meets his sisters a little before this decision. Aoi still can't get Shuusei out of her mind. In the end Shuusei gets a hold of Aoi and tells her who "she" is, and why it's so hard for him to love someone ever again.

Okay okay, this one's short for the sole reason I can't say anything without spoiling it! I honestly feel like slapping Shuusei just like Aoi did when he told her his reasoning behind his actions. Sanjo ends up being one hell of a guy and taking one for the team, and actually pretends to be "the bad guy" in order to make the girl he loves happy. Sanjo will be my favourite character from this series, Shuusei honestly just makes me think that he's a spoiled child. I give it a total of 3 stockings out of 5. So that's my last L DK review I hope you liked it <3

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