Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: キミがスキ (Kimi ga suki) 1 (1)

キミがスキ 1 (1)
キミがスキ 1 (1) by Ayu Watanabe

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

キミがスキ (kimi ga suki) volume 1, Aki a girl in junior high falls in love with Mase a fellow classmate and basketball player. The two have been inseparable throughout junior high, sharing every moment together. Her girl friends were all encouraging her, she finally set a date on Christmas eve. But everything changed with one simple confession!

In summery this book is girl and boy know each other for 3 years, both love each other. A random guy confesses to the girl, she pities him and goes out on a date. He get's crushed literally while trying to find her hair elastic. She later finds out he can no longer play basketball, and because of this she will accept his feelings. While the guy she loves confesses his feelings she rejects him. The story has more than just that as a plot and that's not the end of the volume.

I don't mind the story although it's all too coincidental, what happens. The characters and bland and the main character makes stupid decision, so I give it 1 stocking, I personally didn't enjoy it.

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