Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: L DK(5)

L DK(5)
L DK(5) by 渡辺 あゆ

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

For the L DK volume 4 I did not write a review (I had to go to work), so instead of my "Last installable ... blah blah..." I'll just say, read volume 4.

L DK volume 5, Aoi, Shusei, and Kota (the landlady's son) all go to the amusement park. Shusei get's jealous but of who Aoi or Kota and why? A new neighbour moves in next door who also happens to go to the same school as Aoi and Shusei. With school regulations banding all dating, romance, and living arrangements with the opposite sex, Shusei does the unthinkable. What will the new neighbour Sanjo become, a friend, a foe or a lover?

This is by far the best volume up-to-date of the series, there's romance between Aoi and Shusei, but not only that it seems that he's starting to realized he might lose her. A rival character shows up, I'm not a fan of love triangles, although in this story Sanjo's more along the lines of a pair of cable jumpers and Shusei the car battery (not the best metaphor). I have no choice but to give this 4 stockings, it's that good.

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