Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 6

My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 6
My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 6 by Hiro Fujiwara

My rating: 3 of 5 stockings

In the previous installment of Maid-Sama!/My Sweet Kaicho we left Kanou wondering why Usui and Misaki try to deny and and their feelings for one another. Once he confronted Misaki she claimed that he was mistaken and no such chemistry is between them. When Kanou confronted Usui he claimed he has already tired of girls.

In volume 6 of My Sweet Kaicho there's a new student who enrolled in high school Shintani Hinata, his sole purpose for transferring is to find his first love. But just wait this bottomless stomach of a man clams that his first loves name is Misaki-chan ... could it be that Usui's got some competition on his hands? What will happen to Misui, will it actually become Misani? Will new love blossom read to find out. We as the readers will be following Misaki, Usui and Shintani durring an outdoor school campout where they have to barricade the boys and girls apart for safety reasons.

I for one liked this volume, it has a good flow and vibe to it. There is a new possible main character slash wedge in between Misaki and Usui introduced, which keeps things "fresh" as we get into the later volumes. It kind of seems to me that Misaki and Usui's relationship is starting to get a little stale, don't get me wrong I'll voting for them to end up together. It just seams as if something is missing or it's going in a different direction. Because of this I gave it 3 stockings out of 5.

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