Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Love Neko

Love Neko
Love Neko by Kazuhiko Mishima

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

Yabuki Eiji a high school teacher, just got himself in a sticky situation. One night while surfing the web, he came across a web site that sold 3D High-Tech Moe-Girl "Necoco" who was described as the Ultimate Loving Machine, and impulsively pressed "Purchase". While a little time passed by, he entered his household to find a young man with cat ears and a tail who introduced himself as Necoco!? It doesn't end there, with Eiji threatening to return Necoco, Necoco decides to show his worth the only way he knows by being the "Ultimate Loving Machine".

I absolutely loved this story and even the short stories in chapter 5 and 7. It's got a cute yet rough love to it. To put it bluntly I've read many romance novels and manga but not many Yaoi, so I can't really compare it to much. To see the High school teacher and the robots love evolve was quite hilarious. Necoco never really evolved nor changed as a character, Eiji although came to eventually love the weird cat boy.

I'm a sucker for manga romance and cat ears so I have no choice but to give this book 4 stockings out of 5. Okay in all seriousness this is an actually good short story, it would have gotten 5 if there'd be a deeper plot to the story, I know that it's made to be more lighthearted and to attract a female audience, but a little more plot wouldn't hurt the cause.

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