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Review: My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 5

My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 5
My Sweet Kaicho, Vol. 5 by Hiro Fujiwara

My rating: 4 of 5 stockings

Last installment we left after two small side stories and the maid beach house. We start volume 5 with Misaki and her friends, and planing to go to a tea party with some band members. The reason for this high school friend Sakura (short pigtail girl) has a crush on one of them and must get the chance to meet him. Misaki in need of some girl time tags along, but unknown to these girls, the band members aren't as devoted to their fans as they portray.

That isn't the only problem, someone is trying to buy Maid Latte, but who would in their right mind dare to do this to the cafe. It doesn't take much of a scientist to figure out that Igarashi Tora the student council president of Myabigaoka Academy is behind it. When push comes to shove, Misaki joins a partner competition with one of her co-workers in the best butler competition to show the cafe and her worth. The catch it's an all male competition.

In Maid-Sama or My Sweet Kaicho volume 5 we get to view a little more of Usui, we get to see more of his serious side which was a rare in the previous volumes. We get a glimpse of his apartment where there's only a table and a couch, in his refrigerator there's only a bottle of water and some juice. You not only get to see more of Usui but also more of the perfect Misaki's not so perfect cooking.

I loved the co-operation between Usui and Misaki and how she finally realized how much she actually depends on Usui. The big story really started to get momentum in volume 5 which starts to give you a few ideas to different outcomes to the story. I'll give this novel 4 out of 5 stockings, a volume that can not be skipped out of the series and definitively worth the read.

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