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Review: Death's Shadow

Death's Shadow
Death's Shadow by Darren Shan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The heroin Bec stars yet again in another one of Darren Shan's Demonata novel. The second time we peer through her eyes, she has taken over Bill-E's body and made it her own. With the tunnel yet again sealed, Grubbs, Kernel and her beloved Bran (Beranabus) set off into the Demonata realm in search of the mysterious demon they call "Shadow", leaving Bec with Devrish. Bec is forced to recite Bill-E's life day and night to please Devrish, while feeling lonelier then the 1000 years spent in the tunnel. She discovers that she possess the ability to read thoughts when she touches someone or something.

Many events happen to poor little Bec, just as she starts her new "normal?" life.

I personally did not like Bec that much, it was okay that's it and that Darren should stick to male leads in the future. Although Death's Shadow was in my eyes a great success, I was able to connect with Bec. This installment to the series maintains a good balance between action, plot line, character stories. I loved the way he interpreted Beranabus' story at the beginning of ever part (i.e. part 1,2,3) of the novel. If a series on Beranabus was created with him being the main character, you bet your sweet butt, I'd read it.

Because Death's Shadow was the 7th novel of a 10 novel series you can clearly see that the last few books including this one will/are tying up loose ends, concluding certain mini stories, and characters both minor and major. The conclusion to this novel is one that reveals so much but still leaves so many questions unanswered. I've already got my grubby little hands on the next installment Wolf Island, and I hope to have a howl of a time.

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