Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Orange Crows

Orange Crows
Orange Crows by James Perry Ii

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I originally bought this manga for a friend, but got entranced by the front cover. Orange Crows volume one is a story about Cierra a young witch exiled, for Illegally accessing a research area for higher class witches, conducted her own magical experiment without a licence, and destroyed an important research room.

I must admit the story's slow and the characters are a little bland; with the exception of Cierra and Natty. The reason I rated it so highly was because it captured my attention, I got entranced in their world. The concept of Witches, Wizards, and Fairies. Also the fact that Fairies aren't these girly little winged people but more of magic absorbing monsters, makes it quiet intriguing. I also love the artwork, I know it's not amazing, nor is it detailed to every strand of hair. But that's what I love about it, It's draw detailed enough to the fact that it looks good without being overbearing.

This is definitely a manga I would follow up on in the near future.

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