Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Maid Sama!, Vol. 1

Maid Sama!, Vol. 1
Maid Sama!, Vol. 1 by Hiro Fujiwara

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first installment of Maid Sama! Bad tempered, boy hating Misaki Ayuzawa, is president to a school of an 80% boy population school. Her more then prejudice attitude towards any male, has caused her more then enough problems when it comes to the student council and overall student body respect. Although she has her own reasons, when she was younger her father fell in dept and left the family with the dept to payoff while he ran away from responsibility.To re-pay the dept and support her fragile mother and little sister she works as a maid at a cafe. One day Usui-san discovered her secret! What will happen to Misaki, will Usui-san spill the beans?

I enjoyed this manga very much, I usually don't write reviews from manga because they either lack to much information to write about, they didn't peek my interest, too predictable, characters aren't interesting, or it's just plain boring\bad. This manga is none of those, it has just enough happening in every chapter to keep my interest while sticking to the main plot.

I like the fact that you actually get to follow Misaki Ayuzawa story and see why she acts the way she does, her background story, a growing romance, and also a change in character. Most manga miss the fact that the first volume of a series is to introduce your main characters and not keep everyone in the dark. I think that most authors think that the readers should already know what's happening without even telling them anything, which really just leaves plot holes everywhere.

Maid Sama! volume 1 gets a total of 4 stars for an introduction volume to a series. It gives enough information to the story while still withholding just enough to make readers want more. I definitely recommend it to my readers who want a romance, comedy, shoujo, school life manga.

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