Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favorite place to read.

Everyone has a different place to read, when I was a kid I would sit on the futon in my parents spare room next to the record player/5 disc CD player. I'd put 5 CD's in the CD player and one of my favorite vinyls press play or put the needle on the track. I'd sit back open my book and be absorbed, next thing I knew I went through both side of the vinyl and 5 CD's.

But that was then and this is now. Now that I live with only my son and I in our own home, my favorite place to crack open a book is my bathtub. I usually have a bubble bath while I read, the only problem I have with my bathtub is that it's sides are narrow, instead of supporting my back it just gives me neck pains.

My second favorite place to read is my dining room. I don't have much for a dining room, I have a highchair and a 2 person table with 2 red glittery chairs (it's a retro set). Although these aren't the reasons why I love it so, it's because I have french doors that open to my back yard and transparent white curtains, so the sun just pours in. I make myself a cup of coffee and bring out some tea biscuits, only after I've fed my son, and so when preparations are complete I read my wonderful book.

So I guess my bathtub is my night reading place, and my dining room for my mornings. Where's your favorite place to read?

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