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Review: Bloody Kiss, Volume 1

Bloody Kiss, Volume 1
Bloody Kiss, Volume 1 by Kazuko Furumiya

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The young protagonist Kiyo finds herself inheriting an old estate where two vampires reside, from a grandmother she had never met. Kuroboshi a half vampire\human and his servant Alsh (vampire) have been chased off to this mansion and resided there way before Kiyo had even existed.

Okay so here we go, so that was just a little info on the manga vol. As the title suggest it's a romance type manga although no kissing ... yet, although there is some biting. The reason why I would give this volume 3 stars is because I like the artistry, the plot is lacking, but it's has a good concept. Knowing this type of manga odds are instead of elaborating on the vampiric aspect they'll just, make it an evolving romance. No that that's bad, just lacking. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I love the fact that vampires are only aloud to take from one person in their existence. The blood from that person will make the vampire mature into an adult, the blood give is called a "Bride". There's something that confuses me though "A vampire can only take blood from one human. We call that person a Bride." as said in ch 1. I'm not sure if that's to "absorb" the "power" of that person with the blood they drink or what. Because is the last chapter of this volume, Alsh drink the blood of a male and says "Even thought I don't like sucking a male's blood." Obviously he's drank before, so I'm guessing that they drink blood to survive (although you see them eating food?), but can only pick one person to be their bride. This is one of those "would you please elaborate?".

The characters, you've got a physically strong main female character, the needy guy always wanting to be with the protagonist, and the perv. This choice in character types, is okay just okay.

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