Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Jack Frost, Vol. 1

Jack Frost, Vol. 1
Jack Frost, Vol. 1 by JinHo Ko

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Say Hello Class, this is Junoa. She's a new Transfer student from Amityville Private High School. This is the first line you get your main character introduced, but 7 pages in or so, her head gets severed from her body. She soon after learns that she is a Mirror Image, a Mirror Image is a human who dies but instead of going off to the after life they go to Amityville. There for she can no longer die... again. Jack Frost is the number 1 student at Amityville although their less (or are) then 7 people who reside at Amityville (staff included).

There are a few more things about this volume I'd like to discuss but I don't like spoilers and I'm one to try to give as little information to make the reader actually read the book.

But all in all the plot is there, but it's so easily missed that you might as well say their isn't. Most of the pages of this manga/graphic novel are used for the art/action scenes, instead of dialogue or story lines. To sum up what's happening is the fact that there have been a few "fateful events" that have happened which is stirring up. The big attention grabber to the South, Eastern, and Western District is the fact that North District has Junoa aka Mirror Image.

I'm a big fan of the artistry it's very detailed and different than other manga's I've read. It's darker than most I've seen, which is very refreshing. A big 3 stars in total.

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