Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: L DK(2)

L DK(2)
L DK(2) by 渡辺 あゆ

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stockings

Last instalment Aoi and Shuusei came home to find a woman named Eri waiting by the door.

L DK volume 2, Eri who turns out to be Shuusei's sister, tests the alleged "love" that Aoi and Shuusei proclaim they have for one another. It doesn't take long for her to see through their ruse. There's also a school basketball competition, a confection to Aoi from Shuusei's old friend. A few changes in living arrangements change and a few more surprises occur and secrets are unveiled.

Every book/show need's it's annoying character, whether you like them or not. Shouta is that annoying character, although I like him he adds a little something to an otherwise bland story. More of Shuusei's mysterious past get told without actually giving away too much. Compared to the first novel this one's much more juicy. Aoi even proclaims her love towards Shuusei when she's speaking to Shouta. I'm tempted to give volume 2, 2 stockings because it's not "up to par" story wise, or 3 because I find it's better then the first that I have 3 stockings to. I have no choice but to give it 2.5 stockings.

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