Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking over my life one page at a time!

I've been collecting books ever since I was a little deranged girl, it started with french Disney books and escalated to the book collection I have now. There's a little problem though I've been buying an buying books and I have a ton that haven't been read yet. I've given quiet a few of my books to my son, seeing as I read to him all the time and he likes to trace the words from the books/novels (he steals some of my novels to read). So here's my non-updated library in my room . The top shelf is cut off because it's used for video games.
While my childhood collection is my son's now, and some additions over the years were made to my collection. Now my other collection is on a bookshelf my father built me a few months ago.  This bookshelf's in my living room ... what a messy living room. 
I've bought many books since these pictures were taken. I just found my camera, but now my charger is missing ... but once I find it I'll take pictures every month of what books I've bought/gotten. So until then! 

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